Songs from the City of Salt

by City of Salt

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Just some noise.


released November 13, 2015

Written by Michael Radford
Arranged by City of Salt

Mixed / Mastered by Jason Knoell of H2 Audio
Additional Mixing by Benjamin Gibson and Michael Radford
Original Artwork by Emma Hilton of Vagrant Design

City of Salt is:

Benjamin Gibson
Ian Lindsey
Michael Radford
Wes Wagner

Additional vocals provided by Connor Foshee



all rights reserved


City of Salt Provo, Utah

We're noisemakers.

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Track Name: Taming Lions
The lion that I never learned to tame,
a river of a heart that's always want to take the blame.
I'm so envious of what I can control,
and if the highway of my mind could ever take me to my soul

then why the hell am I so afraid to die?

Billboards shining sweetly in the rain.
They're selling a prescription; what I take to ease the pain.
But everyone's a warrior I guess.
We buy more, we live less.
And all I have is all I haven't risked.
Be my king, be my blessed!
Cuz' all we are is water; we're the logs upon the fire
and we're not coming back.

And I don't know what I have done.
Oh, be my captain, chosen one.
Track Name: Sinking Ships
This life ain't no one's friend.
Can't find no truth but this noise in my head.
And if I try, if I compromise,
would I find my way back home?

See, I carried their spirits three
up over mountains and down to the sea.
And there they died, swallowed with the tide,
and Lord, I felt my heart.

This life is a sinking ship.
Yeah, we got freedom, but that don't mean shit.
When will we learn that the earth will turn
long after we're dead?

And I carry my father's name,
but what does that mean if we don't talk the same?
I keep picturing coffins and empty graves
for all my blood to take.

But I did not ask you to fear for my soul.
Did you think we were part of a whole?
And I can't find a reason that doesn't sound old,
oh my soul!

This life is a burning book.
The pages will turn, but we just end up cooked.
The shape of the flame, oh it felt the same
in every hand I shook.

And I carry my bottled rage.
I labor in fear cuz' I don't know my name.
When will I learn that the Earth will turn
regardless who's been blamed?

But I did not come hear to bury my song.
Did you think we could weed out this wrong?
And I can't find a bible to help push along,
oh my song!

This life ain't no one's friend.
Can't find no truth but this noise in my head.
And if I try, if I compromise,
would I find my way back home?
Track Name: I Dreamed We Were Alive
I dreamed your face again, upended, dark,
but I can't seem to conjure a cure.
And sometimes my hands forget how far you are,
when they fight for to save something pure.

But Lord, they keep losing for sure.

And I dreamed a little boy, lost in your arms.
Couldn't call out to guide him back home.
Maybe I'm selfish, God, maybe I'm scarred.
I just can't up and hide what I know,

and I can't seem to find what you've shown.

And I dreamed we were alive, both of us whole,
while I wrestled with dogs big and red.
I asked, "how deep is misery, how long this road?"
Oh, darling, you know what I meant.

But you haven't answered me yet.

And I dreamed a bitter man, hollow and cold.
He went wandering through walls like a ghost.
And what he would give to have someone to hold,
but his heart doesn't know what to know.

So now he just lives through the phone.

And I dreamed surrounded by something I'd missed,
as I scratched off your names on my wall.
I remember those summers, that habit, a kiss,
but I can't seem to pick up their call.

And I can't help but break my own fall.

And I dreamed we were alive, mortal and kin!
And we swam through a sea, a dark host!
And we kicked at the ashtrails, and shut out the wind.
Oh, we put on one hell of a show,

till a man came to call you back home.

And I dreamed we were alive, you were the sky,
and my father, he knelt on your bones.
"Oh, let him seek truth, him who wanders at night!"
Then I hushed him and hung up the phone.
Track Name: Johnny Hardin
Callin' all saviors, and callin' em' cheap.
Help me forget all these colors I've seen.
Cuz' I hear a voice, but I don't think it's mine,
tellin' me "Johnny, don't matter what's right."

Him, he's a teacher, he'll let me run free.
But he's also a father; he can't help but dream.
And a son whose denied him, who wants to be free?
Your heart can't deny what your eyes haven't seen.

And I want you to sing with me.
I want you to try to believe

in what's killing me.

Callin' all beggars, and callin' em' clean.
Raise up your glasses; give voice to a dream,
and we'll sing a song that will let them be free!
Your heart can't deny what your mind hasn't dreamed.

And I want you to sing with me.
I want you to try to believe

that if the world keeps crashing down,
then our feet can leave the ground.
We're angels in free fall,

and I love that sound.

Tragically toxic, and ever in need,
my pistols will paint all the shapes of my dreams.
So sing out, you rich boy, yeah, sing out your plea!
Cuz' it's better to die for a song than a king.

And I want you to sing with me,
I want you to try to believe

that if the world, it never ends,
then we're Gods disguised as men,
or angels in free fall.

And if the world keeps crashing down,
then I'll lose my heavy crown!
I'm an angel in free fall,

and I don't look down.
Track Name: Montana
If I don't come home again, would you tell my son goodbye?
I was never much good for him. Could you tell him that I tried?
Seven years in a Texas jail, Montana on my mind.
You were like my guiding star, but I can't aim that high.

And Lord knows that I'm right to think this way.

Had some friends eight years ago, we owned the county line.
Drowning fear in hometown bars, we killed the beast inside.
And if I never meet you again, if time don't cede those nights,
drink to us. Drink to what we were. I promise that I'll find

a darker place to hide my face from God.

Cuz' I sang with the rebels, and I stole from your table.
I scratched words on your heart.
And if I could choose what to keep, what to lose,
I gladly would sacrifice art.

When I was still my father's son, he told me to be brave.
Now he's dead, and bravery is fickle as my name.
Twenty years in a Texas jail. My mind don't feel the same.
Am I really free again? Or does some part remain

in that dark place to sit and rot away.

Cuz' I sang with the rebels, and I stole from your table.
I scratched words on your heart.
And if I could choose what to keep, what to lose,
I gladly would sacrifice art.

Yeah, I danced with the Devil, and I laughed at your angels.
I rode that neon train.
And all of your books, every soul that they shook,
they can't seem to make me okay.
Track Name: Water from the Rock [Bonus]
Dropped into silence black as pitch, a newly orphaned dream
where my reality will twist the Good and the Obscene.
And I would not fight you, but I've lost the war you promised I would win,
and all my energy is spent in losing you.

Back to the city I know best, a plague enough for three
where every Truth that could have lived is taken by the breeze.
My arms are tired, Lord, my soul is shaking in the wake of you!
Like Moses' water from the rock, I'm bleeding you.

Last night I lost my only friend. Was it easier for you
to dance on mountains while he bled for dreams of something true?
And all my soul could want is something sacred, something I can choose,
but like a heart without a lock, I'm losing you.

If I knew now what I knew then,
would you've stayed by my side, tempering lies?

If I stood now where I stood then,
would your recognize my swollen eyes?

Cuz' all my visions fail where yours begin, this road
was carved out long ago, before I ever
nailed you to that cross! The curtain rises slow,
and I'm alone again. Oh, did I ever
know that you were anything like me?